Mountain Empire Bass Anglers
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John 3:16

#1 Greg Walters
#2 Johnny Blevins
#3 Charlie Moore
#4 Poss Creasy
#5 Tinker Bowman
#1 Branson Bowman
#2 Tim Peak
#3 Stan Conner
#4 Dennis Rose
#5 Kenneth Sled
Classic Champion Kevin Taylor!
Cup Winner- Tinker Bowman
Big Largemouth- Branson Bowman
6lbs 5ozs
Big Small mouth-Greg Walters 5lbs
Congratulations to Greg Walters Mountain
Empires Bass Angler of the Year!
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*Notice of Change in Rules
In the Classic Championship
All participants in Classic are eligible
for money payout but only standing top
10 in points are eligible for the trophy

and the 200 dollars from the club.